Specific instruments and equipments as well as dedicated analysis methods and techniques have been developed for the purpose of our research activities.

Equipments and instruments

(c) L.Denis, S.Acounis, L-M.Rigalleau, D.Charrier

From an experimental point on view, we have sucessively developed and optimized sensors for the measurement of the radio signal associated to extensive atmospheric showers.

One can identify the following elements :

  • a wide bande antenna tuned for the decametric frequency band.
  • its low noise amplifier embeded into a microchip
  • an autonomous radio detection station featuring electronic boards for triggering, digitization, GPS dating and an onboard PC for saving and transfering the data.
  • a dedicated electronic crate/housing box with EMC properties validated in an anechoic room and near high sensitivity instrument (Nancay Radio Telescope).

These technical developments have been achieved with the major contributions from the technicians and engineers of Subatech as well as from the manpower of the radio astronomy facility of Nançay.

Analysis methods

Concerning the data analysis, we are mixing in our procedures methods taken from radio astronomy and signal processing and methods inherited from nuclear and particle physics. One can list for instance : filtering, spectral analysis, the simulation and convolution of antenna response, triangulation and localization techniques for the arrival direction reconstruction, the caracterization of the front wave curvature and to identify and locate near radio emitters.