Cette page regroupe une liste volontairement restreinte d'articles majeurs du groupe. On y trouve également en fin de page, les contributions plus récentes au rapport d'actvité 2010-2013 du laboratoire.

Sur les développements à Nancay :

  • Radio detection of cosmic rays in [1.7–3.7] MHz: The EXTASIS experiment,
    D.Charrier, R.Dallier, A.Escudie, D. García-Fernández, A.Lecacheux, L.Martin and B.Revenu in Astroparticle Physics Volume 113, December 2019, Pages 6-21.
  • Calculations of low-frequency radio emission by cosmic-ray-induced particle showers,
    D. García-Fernández, B. Revenu, D. Charrier, R. Dallier, A. Escudié, L. Martin, in Physical Review D, Volume 97, May 2018, Issue 10, id.103010.
  • Computing the electric field from extensive air showers using a realistic description of the atmosphere,
    F. Gaté, B. Revenu, D. García-Fernández, V. Marin, R. Dallier, A. Escudié, L. Martin, in Astroparticle Physics 98, January 2018, P. 38–51.
  • Evidence for the charge-excess contribution in air shower radio emission observed by the CODALEMA experiment,
    A. Bellétoile, R. Dallier, A. Lecacheux, V. Marin, L. Martin, B. Revenu, D. Torres, in Astroparticle Physics 69, April 2015, P. 50–60.
  • Geomagnetic origin of the radio emission from cosmic ray induced air showers observed by CODALEMA,
    D.Ardouin et al, Astroparticle Physics 31 (2009) 192-200.
  • Radioelectric Field Features of Extensive Air-showers observed with CODALEMA,
    D.Ardouin et al, Astroparticle Physics , vol 26 (2006) 341-350.
  • Radio-Detection Signature of High Energy Cosmic Rays by the CODALEMA Experiment,
    D.Ardouin et al, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, A 555 (2005) 148.
  • RF antennas help unravel cosmic rays
    Daniel Ardouin et Pascal Lautridou, Courrier du CERN, vol 47 , avril 2007


Sur les développements autour de AERA et à l'observatoire Pierre Auger :

  • Results of a self-triggered prototype system for radio-detection of extensive air showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory.
    The Pierre Auger collaboration and S. Acounis, D. Charrier, T. Garçon, C. Rivière, P. Stassi, in Journal of Instrumentation, Volume 7, November 2012, P. 11023.
  • Antennas for the Detection of Radio Emission Pulses from Cosmic-Ray induced Air Showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory.
    P. Abreu, et al, accepted for publication in JINST.
  • Advanced functionality for radio analysis in the Offline software framework of the Pierre Auger Observatory.
    P. Abreu, et al, accepted for publication in NIM A.