2nd Workshop on The Status of Reactor Antineutrino Flux Modelling

Du 21 au 23 janvier 2015


Recent results in the last years have led to potential new physics in the neutrino field with the "reactor anomaly" and the R&D of new experiments to tackle the existence of sterile neutrinos.
The methods developed to compute reactor antineutrino spectra require nuclear physics inputs, such as new measurements of beta decay properties for targetted nuclei, or theoretical developments. The final goal is to converge toward a more reliable estimate of systematic errors associated to these calculated spectra. 
Last Summer, the three new generation reactor neutrino experiments Double Chooz, Daya Bay and Reno, have shown in conferences a distorsion of the shape of their measured antineutrino spectrum in the 5-8 MeV energy range, reinforcing the need for further studies of the computed spectra. 

In this context, we think that this topic is worth a larger discussion between theoreticians and experimentalists from neutrino and nuclear physics to better understand the real challenges around neutrino flux modelling, and the experimental developments which may be required. An outcome of this workshop could be a report gathering the actual knowledge associated to the calculation of reactor antineutrino spectra.

Thus we are organizing an informal "hands-on" workshop, with very open discussion fed by some presentations.

Link : http://indico.cern.ch/e/Reactor_ANu_Flux_2015

Contact :  nu2015@subatech.in2p3.fr