XVIII GDRE WORKSHOP Heavy Ions at Relativistic Energies

Du 4 au 8 juillet 2016


The annual meeting of the "European Ultra Relativistic Energies Agreement" (GDRE Ions lourds aux énergies ultra relativistes) will be held from July 04 to July 08, 2016 at SUBATECH, Nantes, France.

The worshop will focus on the space-time structure of ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC energies. Both, theoretical tools (simulation models) and experimental techniques (femtoscopy) will be dicussed.

The GDRE is an agreement between CNRS, EMN, Univ. of Nantes (France) and JINR, ITEP (Russia), Russian Foundation for Basic Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian State Foundation for Basic Research, Warsaw University of Technology.

The scientific goal of this agreement is a study of the properties of superdense matter as well as an analysis of elementary interactions between various hadrons created in the collisions. Both the theoretical and experimental analysis of collision processes will be provided for this aim.