Journées ISOL-France

Du 24 au 25 janvier 2019

Subatech, IMT Atlantique, amphi BESSE

Program of the 2nd ISOL-France days / Nantes, January 24th and 25th, 2019

Each session is composed of two or three general talks. The aim is to shed light on the main scientific programs in which the ISOL-France community is involved. At the end of each session, a large 1 hour time slot is planned for new ideas (participants are invited to prepare few slides if they want) and to discuss possible collaborations.

Thursday January 24th
13:30-14:00 : Introduction Stéphane Grévy
Reminder about the ISOL-France Roadmap
General information (context evolution, status of S3/DESIR and ALTO)
14:00-16:30 : Beta decay session
14:00 : r-process studies Radomira Lozeva
14:30 : Low energy collective modes Iolanda Matea
15:00 : Shape coexistence studies David Verney
15h30 : General discussion on beta decay
16:30 – 17:00 coffee
17:00-19:00 : Trap-based experiments session
17:00 : Scientific program and perspectives Pauline Ascher
17:30 : Ongoing developments and future needs Enrique Minaya
18:00 : General discussion on trap-based experiments
19:00 : end of the day


Friday January 25th
09:00-11:15 : Laser spectroscopy session
09h00 : Present activities tbc
09h15 : S3-LEB : Scientific program, set-up and road map Lucia Caceres
09h45 : LINO and LUMIERE : Scientific program, set-up and road map Deyan Yordanov
10h15 : General discussion on laser spectroscopy
11h15 – 11h45 coffee
11:45-13:00: General discussion
How to improve our collaborations on the developments and the scientific programs?
Which organization for the ISOL-France group?


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