Du 28 juin au 2 juillet 2021

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Workshop motivations and goals

Dynamic fuel cycle simulators are developed to enhance the scientific knowledge related to nuclear fuel cycle physics. While those tools help to understand fuel cycle physics and to highlight drivers for nuclear inventories, they are also used as boundary objects for building interdisciplinary researches in link with sociology, economics, etc. Many different fuel cycle simulation tools are developed by nuclear engineering and research institutions. 

Since 2015, an international effort has been made between fuel cycle simulators developers and users in order to connect stakeholders and facilitate the development of international collaborations. In this framework, workshops are organized in order to provide the opportunity for scientists to present and exchange about their work and to build collaborations and projects at national and international levels.

Workshop history

The previous FCS workshops were held in following places:

  • 2016: Institut d'Astonomie, Paris, France (link)
  • 2017: Universtiy of Sout Carolina, Columbia, USA (link)
  • 2018: FIPA Jean Monnet, Paris, USA (link)
  • 2019: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA (link)
  • 2020: Cancelled due to COVID crisis

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