XeSAT2022 - International Workshop on Applications of Noble Gas Xenon to Science and Technology

Du 23 au 26 mai 2022

Université de Coimbra, Portugal

The "International Workshop on Applications of Noble Gas Xenon to Science and Technology" (XeSAT 2022) is the 5th in a series of meetings focusing on all aspects of using xenon and other noble gas detectors in various radiation fields, intended to be a forum for physicists, chemists, and engineers to discuss the advances in noble gas technology and application in specific issues. The conference topics are rare gas detectors and their applications in science, medical science, and technology. XeSAT2022 will be held at Coimbra University, Portugal, from May 23-26, 2022. The conference will provide an important opportunity for discussion among people working in different fields.

This series of conferences started in 2003 with a meeting entitled HPXe named by V. Dmitrenko of MEPHI. Following the first one,  the XeSAT 2005 was held at Waseda University, organized by N. Hasebe. Unfortunately, the XeSAT series was interrupted despite the tremendous expansion in the field as well as the amazing advances in detector technology. After the long break, the XeSAT 2017 was organized in 2017, in Thailand, Khon Kaen, with the effort of Prof. Chinorat Kobdaj at the Suranaree University of Technology and Prof. K.L. Giboni of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. Last of all, XeSAT2018 was held at Waseda University, organized by Prof. N. Hasebe.

XeSAT2022 will be organized, in a common effort, by the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and Subatech, University of Nantes, France.

The XeSAT2022 conference will be held in the main auditorium of the Physics Department of The Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra.

Coimbra is a historical city that hosts one of the oldest universities of Europe (1290), together with Bologna and Santiago de Compostela, more than 700 years old. Apart from the University, there are many interesting monuments dating from the Roman times onwards.

The program will consist of invited lectures and oral presentations.

Scientists and engineers are invited to join the workshop and share not only work and results but also their valuable experience, contributing to the enrichment of the international community.

Program : https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/20879/