Séminaire tout public

lundi 27 juin 2022 à 14:00

Amphi Georges BESSE

Overview of NNL research activities and case studies

Tom Carey et Anne Callow

UK National Nuclear Laboratory’s (NNL)

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is a UK government owned and operated nuclear services technology provider covering the whole of the nuclear fuel cycle (similar to CEA, France). The organisation works in collaboration with international research laboratories, academia and the private sector with the purpose of solving global nuclear challenges in four strategic areas: Clean Energy, Environmental Restoration, Health and Nuclear Medicine and Security and Non‐Proliferation. NNL also strives to develop and sustain key nuclear skills and capabilities, build international collaborations, and grow the next generation of subject matter experts.

Dr Tom Carey is the leader of the UK National Nuclear Laboratory’s (NNL) Research and Technology Theme focused on decontamination science, his background being in materials chemistry. Tom began his career at the UK’s Sellafield nuclear site where he worked as part of NNL’s materials and corrosion capability providing support to spent fuel reprocessing operations. Later, he joined the decontamination capability supporting decommissioning projects in the UK. In his current role, Tom works collaboratively with both academia and industry to
develop innovative technologies with the aim of making decommissioning operations safer, cheaper and faster at legacy sites and in new build projects.

Dr Anne Callow is a Research Technologist within the decontamination science team, where her focus has been investigating the effect of corrosion conditions on radionuclide uptake of metallic surfaces. She recently completed her DPhil in Materials Science at the University of
Oxford where she used atom probe tomography to understand the effect of nanoscale solute clustering on the corrosion performance of irradiated zirconium alloys. Anne has an academic background in Physics, and prior to her DPhil she worked as a nuclear safety case engineer supporting safety case reviews for the UK’s Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (AGR) fleet.