Workshop on Collective Mode Study Through Beta Decay Measurements

Du 19 au 20 janvier 2015


The recent advances in radioactive ion beam science worldwide make the study of beta decay of nuclides with extremely large Qbeta windows feasible. Several ambitious beta decay campaigns are being or are foreseen to be performed in several installations in the world such as RIKEN, GANIL/SPIRAL2, HIE-ISOLDE, SPES, ALTO and Jyväskylä. The idea of this workshop is to investigate the possibility to enrich this program with questions poorly addressed (if addressed at all) up to now:

    • Is the beta-decay process a potential tool to investigate collective modes, including resonances, lying in the Qbeta window ?
    • Is beta strength an observable which reflects neutron skin effects in nuclei?

Experiment proposals aiming at investigating these questions are being submitted to major RIB facilities nowadays, in particular by the four of us. In this context, we think that this topic is worth a larger discussion between theoreticians and experimentalists to better understand the real potentiality of this idea, and the detector developments which may be required. We would like also to investigate the possibility of forming a network of interest around this idea and potentially a full collaboration. Thus we are organising an informal "hands-on" workshop, with very open discussion fed by some theoretical presentations on nuclear models and theories linked to this subject and that can be compared with experimental results from beta-delayed gamma and neutron spectroscopy.

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