Congrès Exploring the Dark Side of the Univers-Tools 2024

Du 3 au 7 juin 2024

The EDSU-Tools 2024 conference will be held in island of Noirmoutier (France)  from 2nd to 7th of June 2024.
The ''Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe Tools 2024''  is a follow-up of ''World Summit EDSU'' conferences held in Guadeloupe island (EDSU2018 and EDSU2020) and La Reunion island (EDSU2022).

EDSU conferences are among the major venues of interaction between cosmologists and particle and astroparticle physicists. The main goal is to discuss progress and future directions related to outstanding issues, both in Cosmology and in Particle Physics.EDSU-Tools 2024 has two major additional features : 
- focusing on tools, in the widest sense, allowing physics progress in the above domains i.e.: instrumentation, electronics, big data, AI, theories, models, soft skills...
- and enlarging tools to the ones used in close by domains of physics namely astronomy of planets, quantum physics, photonics, with the participation of keynote speakers, Michel Mayor, Nobel Laureate 2019 for exoplanets and Alain Aspect, Nobel Laureate 2022 for quantum entanglement.

Strong impact on local population is planned in particular through visits of scientists to high schools - being set up-  and public conferences. An event in Noirmoutier en l"Ile will gather one of our Nobel Laureate, Alain Aspect, the local 3* chef, Alexandre Couillon at l'Herbaudière and a local Olympic champion, under moderation of MO Monchicourt. Another public event will be set up with  Michel Mayor on the theme of exoplanets.
We hope that original ideas will emerge from exchange between participants from varied experimental, observational and theoretical expertise.

This conference is jointly organised by Subatech-Nantes and the association Physique-Outremer.

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