Séminaire tout public

jeudi 29 septembre 2022 à 14:00

Amphi Georges BESSE

The Future Circular Collider (FCC) Feasibility Study and its Physics Potential

Gregorio Bernardi


The European Strategy in Particle Physics, has put an e+e- factory as first priority and recommended that Europe, together with its international partners, should investigate the technical and financial feasibility of a future hadron collider at CERN with a centre-of-mass energy of at least 100 TeV, and with an electron-positron Higgs and electroweak factory as a possible first stage. Such a feasibility study of the colliders should be completed on the timescale of the next Strategy update (2025-2026). We present in this seminar the FCC feasibility study goals, and the FCC physics potential, in particular for the FCC-ee possible first step, which is seen by many as necessary to optimize the FCC physics case and to cover in the best way in the foreseeable future the Higgs, Electroweak and Top physics up to 365 GeV in the center of mass.