Séminaire tout public

jeudi 6 octobre 2022 à 14:00


MilliQan, the quest for millicharged particles

Haitham Zaraket

Lebanese University, Faculty of sciences

One may wonder why the electric charge of particles has always been observed to be a multiple of e/3? Why not having new particles with charge e/10, or e/100,... Several new experiments have been proposed/run recently to look for millicharged particle, Milliqan is an international collaboration that is now installed and under upgrade at point 5 @ CMS at CERN for a second run. SUBMET is a new proposal that is expected to be installed at JPARC. The common denominator of the two proposals is the simplicity of the construction and the use of the existing beams to look for new physics. In this talk a summary of results and new sensitivity projections will be discussed.