Directed and finalised research in the field of health is an integral part of Subatech's research activities. This research is divided into 4 sub-axes. The first concerns the applications of subatomic physics detection techniques to the field of therapy and medical imaging. Our flagship project in this field is the Xemis project, which has made it possible to design and build a prototype imager by positron emission and γ (3-photon imaging) for small animals. The second sub-axis is the study and optimisation of the production of innovative radionuclides for health (RAMI master-project) notably the production of scandium, whose 44Sc radionuclide is a positon-gamma emitter for 3-photon medical imaging, or the production of 211At, potentially suitable for cancer treatment (ANR REPARE project). These master-projects include the production of radionuclides, the measurement of effective cross-sections, and participation in the CERN MEDICIS collaboration. The third sub-axis is the study of the chemical properties of radionuclides for Health and the development of radiopharmaceutical complexes for its biodistribution, in particular 44Sc and 211At (Radionuclides-Health master-project). Finally, we also have a strong contribution in radiobiology applications, via the platform for irradiation of small animals (Hadron-Biology master-project) with FLASH, and the development of techniques unique in France for pulsed radiolysis (Radiolysis-Health master-project). We note, for this axis, a very strong interdisciplinary component, concretised in particular by an involvement in the GIP ARRONAX and the TransForMed cluster of the "health of the future" axis of the PIA2 NExT project.