Subatech trains around 40 thesis students per year and has a leading role in training at master's level:

In addition, we have leadership in the basic training of modern physics (quantum physics and relativity) and a strong contribution in physics, mathematics, computer science in the L3 training of the University of Nantes and in the first years of the engineering training of IMT Atlantique.
Subatech seeks to train on the full range of the laboratory's skills. This is mainly done through the training provided by IMT Atlantique under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and the University of Nantes. For this reason, the teacher-researchers and researchers at Subatech are heavily involved in training, whether at the doctoral school and supervision of doctoral students, at the master's level at the University or in the IMT Atlantique engineering programme, in the areas of modern, nuclear and particle physics, nuclear energy, radioactive waste management, the decommissioning of nuclear installations and applications in nuclear physics and radiochemistry in health.