The mission of the Electronics group is to help the research teams in concepting, implementing, installing and maintaining electronics systems and associated softwares. It has also the task to manage the electronics equipments of Subatech, including diagnostic and/or maintenance (high voltage and low voltage power supplies, oscilloscopes, equipment for chemical analysis).


We take part to "Electronics engineer network of IN2P3", "Electronics engineer national network of CNRS and EPST" and "Software designer network of CNRS"

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Some realisations of the electronics service :

  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • ASIC
  • cabling
  • conception of RF antena
  • comparison simulation-measure
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • printed circuit
  • ASIC
  • Flex-RIO
  • acquisition Centaure
  • cabling
  • thermal imaging
  • systeme


Main skills in the electronics service : Main tools in the electronics service :

- Pré-étude

- Electronics cards: digital, high density.

Electronics cards: mixed analog/digital.

Electronics cards: anode for gazeous detectors.

- Programmable circuits (FPGA/CPLD in VHDL, µcont in C/C++).

- VHDL simulation multi card, multi FPGA.

- ASIC analog low noise, large bandwidth

- ASIC mixed analog low noise / digital

- Simulation of analog ASICs

- Simulation of mixed analog low noise / digital ASICs

- Conception, simulation and mesure of RF antennas

- Soldering under binocular microscope

- Debug, validation, repare of electronics cards.

- System intégration on site.

- Development of test benches

- Development of control/command softwares

- Development of acquisition softwares

- Database using PHP/mySQL

Cadence® PCB (Linux)

Cadence® ASIC (Linux)

Synplify_pro® (Linux & Windows®)

QuartusII® (Linux & Windows®)

ModelSim-Altera® (Linux & Windows®)



- Python® / PyQt4®

- Digital oscilloscopes

- Logical analysers

- Pattern generator

- Signal generator

- Vectorial network analyser

- Spectral analyser

- Thermal imaging

- Soldering stations with binocular microscope


Main projects to which we participate: