PRISMA, Physics of Radiation InteractionS with Matter and Applications, conducts both fundamental and applied research on the interaction of radiation and particles with matter. The team develops research in the interdisciplinary field around three major areas of scientific expertise with a strong societal impact: the production of innovative radionuclides for diagnosis and therapy (RaMI for Innovative Medical Radioisotopes), the elemental and non-destructive analysis of materials and structures (IRMa for Radiation Matter Interaction) and dosimetric studies for radiobiology and unconventional radiotherapy such as flash therapy (HB for HadronBiology) These different themes are closely linked by the experimental and simulation tools, the scientific approaches and the personnel involved. They are at the heart of major current societal issues: the integrity and reliability of structures and health with the fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases, whose impact will increase in the future given the aging of the population.

This research is conducted in close collaboration with the GIP ARRONAX, the Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest (ICO) and the Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie et Immunologie de Nantes-Angers (CRCINA).
The team is involved in 3 "Investissement d'avenir" programs: Labex IRON with participation to the Steering Committee (COPIL), Equipex ARRONAXPlus with its scientific coordination and the IRC TransForMed of the Isite NExT with its scientific coordination.