The role of the Risk Prevention and Infrastructure Management Department (SPR-I) is to strengthen and structure this activity. The department supports both the research departments and teams, and the management, to which it acts as an advisor in order to help implement the occupational health and safety policy.

The main missions of the department :

  • Assistance to staff through discussions on the optimisation of handling and assistance in the choice of protective equipment in order to reduce risks.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of collective protective equipment (fume cupboards, filtered air recirculation toxic enclosures, glove boxes, hoods, anoxia detection devices, etc.) and the supply of certain individual protective equipment in view of the major risks generated by the activities (chemical and mechanical risks, for example)
  • Radiation protection, as the laboratory is subject to prior authorisation by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). Two members of the department are responsible for the mission of Competent Person in Radiation Protection (PCR), assisted by a radiation protection technician, and Radiation Protection Assistants (RAs) present in the teams and departments handling radioactive samples and unsealed sources.
  • Management of waste produced by radiochemistry manipulations and its evacuation within the framework defined by the national agency for the management of radioactive waste (Andra).
  • Follow-up and assistance with the organisation of the transport of hazardous materials (chemicals and radioactive products), in collaboration with the CNRS national hazardous materials safety advisor and the ULISSE logistics unit.
  • Study of the infrastructure needs of the teams and representation of the contracting authority for development and maintenance work.

For control, diagnostic and protection purposes, the PCRs and PAs use the laboratory's chemical and radiological analysis resources and skills. From the beginning of the health crisis linked to COVID-19, thanks to the work already undertaken on the drafting of an activity continuity plan in collaboration with the other departments, the SPR-I was able to rapidly anticipate the different activity continuity scenarios in accordance with the instructions of the authorities and their application by the IMT Atlantique, and to propose them to the management. This enabled the activities deemed non-essential to be put on standby under good conditions, and the highest priority activities to be maintained, by adapting to the evolution of the situation during the containment and during the gradual resumption of activity.
The SPR-I organised a constant watch and a regular presence on site, in order to adapt the working conditions and ensure the provision of means of protection for the ten or so people working daily in the unit. We also organised the donation of a whole pallet of personal protective equipment for the nursing staff.

Department organisation (contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Manager: Romain BERNY
The PCRs: Romain BERNY and Ronald JAHKE
The radiation protection technician: Maxime BIROT
Prevention assistants: Romain BERNY and Katy PERRIGAUD
Radiation protection assistants: Nicolas BESSAGUET and Aurélien Dauvé